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Who We Are

About Reel Tales

Reel Tales was founded in October of 2021. Reel Tales is a contract Freelance Film and Media Production service in New Hampshire(Videography and Photography). We can meet all the needs of a business, or person seeking content creation for commercial, or personal use.

We pack our bags and hit the road around New England to your location to get footage, and post production is done at our location in Lee, NH. 

Reel    : A film Reel, or a Fishing Reel


: Stories


Our Mission

Turn a vision into reality through captivating films that advocate a change in the way people think

Our Vision

Spark a desire in people to immerse themselves in nature, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Our Services

What We Do

From pre through post production, we have you covered.

Full Service Production

Commercial videography and photography.


Personal Videography and Photography.


We provide marketing help to bring your content right in front our your audience.



Since I can remember I have always had a passion for telling a story through the lens of a camera. By no means am I a conventional professional film maker, but that's what makes my creativity/vision unique and lights my fire to keep on getting better at the art.

Through the years I have honed my skills in film production from cameras to editing to graphic design - but there is never a ceiling in that sense. I wake up every morning with a burning desire to get better at the craft... Leaving me with little rest some nights thinking about my next project and how to make it better than the last. 

 As for my other interests; I am in love with the outdoors. We stray so far away from the basics sometimes. After long days at the computer editing, or coming up with ideas I can always find myself turning off my monitor and going to do something outside. Whether it be clearing my mind on the river Fly Fishing, taking a trip in my 1980 VW Vanagon, or just going for a walk. That is where I feel the most creative, think more clearly, and can just be a human, being. 



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect and make your vision a reality.

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