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Spice Up Your Business Instagram With Highlights

Have you ever tried to make your business appear more professional, or thought it is lacking something? Instagram Highlights are a great way to add a little something to your profile! They are one of the first things people see under your bio when they land on your page.

Learn What Instagram Highlights are, how to use them, how to change their names, covers, and more tricks to make your Instagram more appealing!


1.) What Are Instagram Highlights?

In comparison to stories that last for 24 hours, Instagram Highlights last forever (until you delete them). This feature allows you to keep stories forever, and make collections of past feed posts, stories, and more!

Here you can see the way @reel.tales on Instagram uses Highlights as a way to introduce the profile.


2.) How To Create Instagram Highlights

It is very easy to create an Instagram Highlight. Follow these quick steps to add a highlight to your profile! There are two ways to add an Instagram Highlight.

  1. While your story is still active (within 24 hours of posting it)

  2. From your archived stories (after 24 hours of posting it)


Creating Instagram Highlights from active stories

  1. Click on your story you just added

  2. Click on the "Highlight Icon"

  3. If you don't already have highlights, click "New"

4. Rename your highlight and click "add"

5. Go to your profile page and see it is the newest created highlight


Creating Instagram Highlights from archived stories

1. From your profile, click the "menu bars" in the top right corner

2. Click on "Archive"

3. Select a past story you have posted and click on it

4. Click the "Highlight icon"

5. Follow steps from "Creating Instagram Highlights from active stories"


2.) Editing Your Highlight Cover Icon

You want to make your Highlights an attractive part of your profile. Instead of a bland cover picture for your highlight, we will show you how to spice it up even more!

1. From your profile, click the Highlight you have just created

2. Click on "Edit highlight"

3. Click on "Edit cover"

4. Click on the "Image Icon"

5. Add any cover photo you would like

6. Read More below on how to use Canva (100% Free and easy tool for graphic design)


3.) Using Canva to Make a High Quality Instagram Highlight Cover

If you don't have access to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Affinity apps, we have a free substitute that works perfectly fine for this!


4.) Tricks to Keeping Your Highlights In The Order You Want Them

When you add new stories to your an existing highlight, it will bring the highlight to the front of the row on your page. If you want to keep your highlights in a specific order, but still add stories to existing highlights, here's a way to get that done.

  1. Click on the Highlight you want to add your new picture to

  2. Add the picture to that highlight

  3. Now, go to the highlight you want to bring to the front of the row

  4. Add the newest story you have posted to the highlight

  5. The highlight will be brought to the front of the row

  6. Delete the picture off the highlight

  7. Your highlight stays at the front of the row!


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